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Environmental Activity

Being a well-established manufacturing company, we make sure that ethical practices are followed during the production of valves and piping material. Standards of ISO 14001:2015 and JIS Q 14001:2015 are maintained perfectly at our unit while manufacturing Plastic Valves such a Plastic Swing Check Valve, Plastic True Union Ball Check Valve, Type 14 Plastic Diaphragm Valve, Type 21 Plastic Ball Valve, Type 57 Plastic Butterfly Valve, Plastic Ball Foot Valve, etc. 


We will make use of our resources in an optimum manner so to protect the local environment which is rich in mountains, oceans and rivers along with the global environment.


ISO 14001:2015 and JIS Q 14001:2015

Environment Policy

  • Execute the production processes in compliance with environment related laws and guidelines.
  • Encourage the saving of natural resources and follow energy saving measures.
  • Follow the corporate culture which conveys the importance of protecting our environment from pollution.
  • Maintain harmony and co-existence with local community.
  • Make contribution in ensuring recycling and reuse of plastic wastes and mineral waste which takes place during the production activities.
  • We are having suitable management of various chemical substances including phenol materials.

Applicable Scope

Nobeoka Head Office & Nobeoka Works, Engineering Department, Aich Plant, Tochigi Plant, Hiroshima Plant

Applicable Scope

  • Design, Develop and Manufacture Plastic Piping Materials
  • Design, Develop and Manufacture Diallyphthalate Molding Compounds and Phenolic Molding Compounds
  • Design, Develop, Manufacture and Service of FRP-Reinforced Composite PVC Pipes
  • Design, Develop and Manufacture of Plastic Pipes
  • Warehousing, Preservation and Shipment of Plastic Piping Materials
  • Design, Develop and Manufacture of Phenolic Resin for Industrial Use
  • Design, Develop and Manufacture of Phenolic Resin for Electronic Materials
  • Design, Develop and Manufacture of Foaming Resin
  • Design, Develop and Manufacture of Shell Mold Resin
  • Design, Develop and Manufacture of Resin Coated Sand
  • Manufacture Converted Sand for Casting




JIA-QA Center

We promise that we will consistently take necessary measures for environmental improvements with respect to business activities.

Quality Control Activity

Quality is always been the main focus area of our firm as it is the trademark of our products which are offered all across the world on large scale. On July 24, 2003 our sturdy Valve & Piping Systems Administration registered with ISO 9001 Certification. Our produced range is in-house tested as per industrial standard, equivalent to ISO 9393-2. As per our quality control policy, we ensure the following:

  • Customers are completely satisfied with our quality tested Ball Series Valves, Butterfly Series Valves, etc.
  • Industrial rules and regulations are followed in the best manner. 
  • Improvement in the line of valves, pipes, and more.

Primary Competitive Advantages 

From the past several years, we have been working ethically and giving our best to achieve the set targets on time. There are several factors which helps us in staying ahead from the competitors and these factors are:

  • Our special line of Automatic Valves can be customized in desired size and other factors.
  • Our products are made with high technology machines which is why they give benefiting results
  • We hold the power of supplying our items globally 

Our History 

Released soon after its formation, AV LITE Resin and ASAHI AV Valve are still are supporting the industries around the world. Have a look at our complete history below :



March 1945

Nicchitsu Kozai Kogyo Co., Ltd. Was setup with capital of 2 Million Yen. It was the subsidiary of Nicchitsu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., which is now currently known as Asahi Kasei Corporation. Formed to produce reinforced synthetic plywood majorly for aircraft applications.

November 1945

Company name changed to Asahi Veneer Industry Co., Ltd. And it started producing plywood, phenol resin molding materials and synthetic resin molding products.

Year 1946

Began production of molding materials.

November 1950

Asahi Organic Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd. Was set as the new trade name.

April 1952

Started production of ASAHI AV Valves.

Year 1956

Began production of Stop Valves.

Year 1959

We developed the streamlined plastic diaphragm valve, which is a lightweight valve with excellent chemical resistance and pressure resistance, for the first time in the world, and became the savior of the chemical line.

October 1965

Began producing Ball Valves

Year 1969

Started manufacturing Butterfly Valves.

Year 1974

Started production of Pipes.

Year 1979

Opened an office in Germany.

July 1996

Opened Singapore Office.

November 1999

Setup ASAHI/AMERICA, INC. Company and

December 2006

Foundation of Asahi Organic Chemicals (Nantong) Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary), was laid.

October 2008

Asahi AV VALVE (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary) was established.

February 2013

Founded consolidate subsidiary of Asahi Modi Materials Pvt. Ltd.

October 2014

ASAHI KOREA., Ltd. and ASAHI AV Europe GmbH. Both consolidated subsidiaries were established.

February 2016

Establishment of Asahi Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary)

April 2016

Change in the name of the trade to Asahi Yukizai Corporation.

July 2018

Opened a representative office in Dubai.

December 2019

Establishment of Asahi Africa (Pty.) Ltd.

"Only accepting orders from chemical producers."
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